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(1) Fever Question
Because the linear micro motor is directly in the machine tool with poor heat dissipation condition, the heat generated by its primary and secondary windings in the process of stopping electromagnetic energy transformation simply increases the temperature T; moreover, the increase of T will lead to the increase of the resistance R of motor windings. In order to ensure that the output of driving force remains unchanged, it is necessary to increase its current I, in turn, the increase of I will increase T, and then constitute T. The positive reaction process of vicious circle. Because the windings and iron cores of linear motors are attached to the machine tool guideways, their results will cause severe thermal deformation of the machine tool guideways.
Compared with the transmission method of rotary motor, on the one hand, the fan on the axis of the motor itself can better heat dissipation, on the other hand, the space distance between the rotary motor and the machine tool guide has been far after the transmission of the screw, so there is no question of thermal deformation caused by this. So it is very important to deal with the problem of heat dissipation when linear stepping motor is used in machine tool feed system.
(2) Questions about magnetic insulation and protection
Because the magnetic field of rotary motor is blocked, and the magnetic field of linear motor is open, and it is near the machine tool table, the magnetic data of workpiece, chip and east-west are simply absorbed by the magnetic field, which hinders its normal operation. Therefore, although the electromagnetic type is better than the permanent magnet type, its magnetic insulation protection can not be ignored. It also needs to consider the protection of machine tool coolant, smooth oil and so on.、山东自动门电机
(3) Load Disturbance Question
Linear motor drive control can only be fully closed-loop control. The change of worktable load (workpiece weight, cutting force, etc.) is external disturbance for a stable system. If the automatic adjustment is not good, the system will be shaken and unstable.
Therefore, for the whole linear feed drive system, besides requesting the linear motor to have strong ability with load, it is necessary to have the negative reaction of speed and azimuth detection together, and the ability of high-speed information transmission, correction and reference. It is also necessary to minimize the friction damping between the guideways, such as the choice of flip guides or magnetic cushion suspension guides. In addition, in the same way of increasing the capacity of linear motors, if the worktable weight is properly added, the load disturbance coefficient will be reduced to a certain extent.
(4) Question of Self-respect in Straight Forward Feeding
When the linear stepping motor is used in the straight feeding organization, it is necessary to deal with the self-locking question when the linear motor is powered off and the influence of gravity acceleration on it when the power is on. For this reason, besides adding suitable balancing weight block (or hydraulic support) and using mechanical self-locking equipment when power is cut off, it is necessary to adopt corresponding measures on servo drive control module.
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