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The basic knowledge of DC motor:
DC motor is very common in our daily life. How much do you know about DC motor? Please read the following article carefully.
DC motor has good starting function and speed regulation characteristics, so overload can be large. Therefore, it is still widely used in occasions with high requirements of starting and speed regulation functions.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is an effective technology to manipulate analog circuits by using digital output. It can save energy especially in the speed control of motor. As a new type of automatic control device, PLC is used to realize PWM speed regulation of DC motor. It has the characteristics of high precision, economy and reliability, and stable operation of motor.
DC motor power source:
DC motor is a power transmission organization. The speed converter of gears is used to reduce the reverse number of DC motor to the desired reverse number and obtain a larger torque. In the organizations used to transfer power and activities at that time, the restrictions on the use of reducers were quite common. Coaxial DC is compact in structure, small in size, beautiful in shape, and can withstand overload.
The transmission ratio is classified precisely, the selection limit is wide, the speed type spectrum is wide, and the limit I = 2-28800. Low energy consumption, excellent function, efficiency of reducer up to 96%, low vibration, low noise. The utility model has the advantages of convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. Especially for the production line, the DC motor needs only a few spare internal transmission parts to ensure the repair and protection of the normal production of the whole line.
How to disassemble and assemble the DC motor? The following five aspects will be explained, together with a look at it:
1. For motors equipped with rolling bearings, the outer cover of the bearing should be removed first, then the fastening screw of the end cover should be loosened, and the symbols should be made at the joint between the end cover and the housing. The screw of the removed fastening end cover should be screwed into two holes specially arranged on the end cover of the motor, and the end cover should be ejected.
2. First remove the external wiring of the DC motor, and do a good job of symbols. Then loosen the sole screw and separate the motor from the transmission mechanism.
3. When disassembling the DC motor with brush, the brush should be removed from the brush self-brushing grip, and the orientation of the neutral line of the brush should be symbolized.
4. When pulling out the rotor, we must pay attention not to touch the stator coil. If the rotor component is small, it can be pulled out by hand; if the component is large, it should be lifted by lifting equipment.
5. To dismantle the pulley or coupling on the axis of DC motor, sometimes it is necessary to add some fuel oil in the gap between the axles of the pulley to make it permeable and lubricated so as to facilitate dismantling.
Do you know the above information? I believe you have a certain understanding of Shandong micro-motor after reading. If you want to know more about this industry, please click on our website: http://www.jnmcd.com. Thank you for your visit!
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