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Every kind of machinery and equipment has its relevant use precautions, regardless of size, this is also to enable us to use a longer time, many friends in the use of time because they do not pay attention, there may be some minor problems later, we can try to avoid these, then when we use DC deceleration motor, what should we pay attention to? What about it?
After 200-300 hours of operation, the first oil change should be carried out, the quality of oil should be checked regularly in the future use, and the oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated should be replaced in time. Generally speaking, for a long-term continuous working reducer, the reducer should be replaced with new oil once a year or run for 5000 hours, and long-term shutdown.
Before re-operation, the new oil reducer should be replaced with the same oil as the original brand. It should not be mixed with different grades of oil. Oils with the same brand and different viscosity are allowed to be mixed.
When changing oil, it is necessary to wait for the DC deceleration motor to cool down without burning danger, but still keep warm and hot, because after complete cooling, the oil viscosity increases and it is difficult to discharge oil. Attention: To cut off the power supply of the transmission device, to prevent unintentional power supply! uuuuuuuuuu In the work, when it is found that the temperature rise of oil exceeds 80 C or the temperature of oil pool exceeds 100 C and abnormal noise occurs, it is necessary to stop using, check the cause, remove the fault and replace the lubricating oil before it can continue to operate. Users should have reasonable rules and regulations for use and maintenance, and record carefully the operation of the reducer and the problems found in the inspection. The above provisions should be strictly implemented.
Connecting the positive and negative poles together, there will be great resistance when the poles are twisted by hand, which shows that the line is normal. Otherwise, there is a breakpoint inside.
If there is significant resistance in hand rotating motor, the short-circuit point inside the motor is clarified. (Changing from stable to normal);
When the power is switched on, it is best to investigate the reversing sparks without sparks, the sparks with stars and dots are outstanding, the sparks are poorly connected, and the ring sparks can not be used with the appearance of ring sparks; (Life will be sharply shortened.)
When the high-power DC motor runs steadily until the temperature rises, the multimeter is used to measure the resistance of the winding when it stops. Usually from zero to a few ohms;
After running to a stable temperature rise, the surface temperature of the motor should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. If we exceed this value, we can clarify that the temperature rise of the motor is not relevant.
Add extra voltage, measure speed, and indicate that the error of speed should not exceed 10;
Add 1.2 times the additional voltage and run for 2 minutes to investigate if there is any abnormality.
DC high-power motor multimeter measures the inter-chip voltage between commutators. If there is the same rule between two pieces of inter-chip voltage, the winding is normal.
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