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Motor is a motor with small volume and capacity, and its output power is usually less than hundreds of watts. Its use, performance and environmental conditions require special motor. Usually used in control systems, to complete the functions of detection, calculation, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy, or to drive mechanical loads, but also as AC and DC power supply of equipment. For example, disk drives, photocopiers, CNC machine tools, robots and so on all use micro-motors. Below is a detailed understanding of the varieties of micro-motors and the scope of application of micro-motors.
There are many kinds of micro and special motors, which can be roughly divided into 13 categories: DC motor, AC motor, self-state angle motor, stepping motor, resolver, shaft encoder, AC and DC dual-purpose motor, tachometer generator, induction synchronizer, linear motor, piezoelectric motor, motor set, other special motors, etc.
The motor is a reversible synchronous motor composed of permanent magnet synchronous motor and built-in reducer. It has the advantages of large torque, low noise, small volume, light weight, convenient operation and constant speed. It can also be matched with various gearboxes to achieve the purpose of changing output speed and torque.
Tectonic classification
微特电机在构造上大致可分为3类 :
Micro-special motors can be roughly divided into three types in structure:
Electromagnetic type
The basic composition is similar to ordinary motors, including stator, rotor, armature winding, brush and other components, but the structure is particularly compact.
There are two common types: the combination of the above-mentioned micro-motors and the combination of micro-motors and electronic circuits. For example, the combination of DC motor and sensor, the combination of X direction and Y direction linear motor, etc.
Shape construction is the same as electromagnetic type, such as rotating products into cylindrical, linear products into square, but the internal structure varies greatly because of its different working principles.
Scope of application
Food machinery, textile machinery, medical equipment, intelligent doors and windows, monitor platform, advertising lamp box, household appliances, air-conditioning, cold and heating, actuator control and other low-power constant speed tripod moment equipment.
Application Category
Micro-special motors are mainly used in three areas: 1. Driving places without special control requests are used as the power source of the load of motion machinery. (2) Audio-visual equipment. For example, in cassette recorders, micro-special motors are not only the key components of drum components, but also the important components of its main shaft drive, automatic loading of receiving and supplying tapes and cassettes, and tape tension control. Office automation equipment, computer external equipment and industrial automation equipment. For example, disk drives, photocopiers, CNC machine tools, robots and so on all use micro-motors.
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